As a housesitter, you basically go around the world staying in people’s houses for free in exchange for taking care of their pets while they’re away. We’ve been doing this for over three years now, since before becoming digital nomads. I’ve also included some jobs below—though they are not necessarily location independent—that provide benefits for those trying to start their own business. While each option has benefits and drawbacks, many digital nomads have more than one job that falls into different categories.

The opinions of regular people are invaluable to a variety of organizations and brands. You could make anything ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars from a single survey. In addition to writing about adventure family travel on Our Offbeat Life, Brodi is a freelance SEO writer and editor. The freelancing world is full of unreliable and inconsistent workers, so by being perfect each time you deliver a project, clients will appreciate your efforts even more. Selling products online is rapidly growing, and you don’t need to be tethered to a physical location to do it.

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There are many free online bookkeeping courses you can take that even give you certification. These courses teach you how to record and report all essential information for businesses and will put you ahead of the rest when applying for jobs. Pay varies depending on your experience, the services you offer and who you work for.

  • Remote working is the ability to work from anywhere outside an office or set workplace where you are required to follow a 9 to 5 routine.
  • One of the best things about digital nomad jobs for beginners is that they can be done from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection.
  • Additionally, you can always sell professional photos to many sites including Foap.
  • Technology and our ever-increasing connectivity have played a big part in this shift to remote working.
  • Most digital nomad jobs can be classified as freelancing, online work, or remote entrepreneur.
  • Bank of America is also publicizing the fact that many of their roles don’t require four-year degrees.

Influencers are social media personalities with massive followings. Brands hire you to promote or try out their products and share the feedback with your followers. As an influencer, you will need to have thousands of friends on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, and other popular social media platforms.

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Often, successful developers have a deep desire to learn constantly, whether its graphic design, programming, scripting and other areas. Video is huge, and companies are pouring more resources into making high-quality videos for advertising and promotional content. A freelance video editor is a sought-after position for companies that value video but don’t want to hire a full-time position just yet. While a degree may certainly provide advantages and open up certain career paths, it is not a prerequisite for success.

remote jobs that don t require a degree

Plus, in today’s technological age, digital marketing is becoming more important than ever. As recruiters build out teams, looking past old standards—like bachelor’s degrees—and at a candidate’s distinct qualities is a vital way to reinvigorate the labor force and ensure brand success. Setting reasonable expectations helps maintain interest and fill jobs, assuring both candidate and company satisfaction. But candidates don’t need a degree to prove they are capable of similar output as those with Ivy League backgrounds. Biases toward hiring candidates with an Ivy League education, especially in industries like technology, mean candidates without degrees might have to fight harder to be seen. For recruiters at companies that do not offer apprenticeship programs—and who are looking to diversify their talent pools—Jordan has some advice.

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Some companies hiring for project manager positions are Liberty Mutual, a16z, and Home Depot. Inside sales teams are the ones picking up the phone and cold calling businesses on a daily. These teams have strict metrics they must meet, and sales quotas to hit on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Inside sales managers keep these teams on task and report to executives on the performance of the team. This work is simple, can be done remotely and you can work the hours that suit you.

To help you get inspired, we’ve put together a list of career change ideas that don’t require a degree or qualification to get started. Graduates who are looking for jobs with a 2.1 degree show employers they are hardworking individuals who have attained an above average grade for their hard work over at least three years. Because graduates who achieved this grade know it is not easily attained and they have spent many hours, days, weeks and beyond getting to this point.

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In addition to basic design work, a graphic designer should know how to use multiple design software such as Photoshop and be familiar with layouts and visual fundamentals. Standard fields in that graphic designers excel in our advertising, digital design, illustration, and branding. Social media managers can easily earn over $100,000 per year as they are akin to a marketing professional, and the average salary is currently over $130,000 for marketing managers. Best of all, you don’t need a degree to qualify, and you can use your past client success as your portfolio to apply to a new position.

remote jobs that don t require a degree

A virtual assistant provides the same services as a personal assistant (PA) but works from home on a self-employed basis. They will usually have a few different clients, and tasks can range from managing email and social media to bookkeeping and planning events. To learn about more ways how to get started to travel the world, I recommend you to also read how to become a digital nomad (it’s easier than you might think). Once you’ve edited enough of your own videos, you’ll have a portfolio to attract your first customers.